Grand Enchantment Trail

“First conceived in 2003, the Grand Enchantment Trail (GET) is today a proven, navigable route from end to end, over 770 miles in total across Arizona and New Mexico. Primarily described by map and guidebook, the route links existing hiking trails, dirt roads, drainage courses, and occasionally runs cross-country, providing an adventurous, rewarding, and highly varied hiking (non-motorized travel) experience that nonetheless feels natural and fluid like a more traditional long-distance trail…. The Grand Enchantment Trail offers truly unlimited opportunities for exploration, adventure, and solitude. For those who hear its call, this extraordinary route will reveal a cross section of the American Southwest unlike any other, one of stunning diversity in landscape, flora, fauna, and culture…. Here, unknown to many, lies a land still wild and worthy of preservation; come see this land, to revel in it, and ultimately, to ensure that its beauty endures.”


I was planning on hiking the GET this year, but ended up cancelling because of a global ‘avoid non-essential travel’ advisory implemented by the Canadian government one day before my flight – because of the advisory, my travel insurance wouldn’t have covered any costs related to COVID-19. I’m trying to look at the bright side and investigating Canadian hikes as an alternative.




GET website, managed by Brett and Melissa:
GET journals:

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