Welcome to Bane of the Trail!

‘Bane’ is a trail name that I received on the Pacific Crest Trail while wearing an N-95 mask (think Batman villains, or if you’re stuck on wondering what a trail name or LASHing is, check out the FAQ). I also answer to Krista, Pockets, No. 6 and the occasional ‘hey you’ from an angry-looking stranger who manages to make eye contact.

Enjoying fantastic views on the PCT.

Bane of the Trail houses the journals from my hikes, which include the Arizona Trail, Heysen Trail, three-quarters of the PCT and a collection of shorter trails too numerous to list. My 2020 long-distance hiking plans were foiled by COVID-19, so I’m dabbling in the new activity of packrafting. I don’t like water, but that’s okay, right?