East Coast Trail

“The East Coast Trail unites genuine wilderness hiking with richly historic communities from Topsail Beach, to Cape St. Francis, to Cappahayden. The paths of the East Coast Trail take you past towering cliffs and headlands, sea stacks, deep fjords, and a natural wave-driven geyser called the Spout. Experience abandoned settlements, lighthouses, ecological reserves, seabird colonies, whales, icebergs, the world’s southernmost caribou herd, historic sites, a 50-metre suspension bridge, two active archaeological dig sites, and many more attractions.”

-East Coast Trail Association

Dear People of the Future: The year is 2021. The month is October. At this time, the world has been gripped by COVID-19 for almost two years. Hopefully, you know COVID as a variety of common cold, but for the past two years it’s been foiling my hiking plans, resulting in the cancellation of one hike after another. Impossible not to preface this introduction with mention of it, and noting the context under which I hiked the ECT, and that many people have died, and that humanity fought fiercely over toilet paper.

Anyway, in August 2021, times were finally looking brighter with vaccines widely available throughout Canada. I had been vaccinated in June and, while I still didn’t feel wonderful about travelling during the pandemic, I felt okay about grabbing some N-95 masks and my vaccination card and heading to Newfoundland, which has done a fantastic job at containing COVID and was nearly COVID-free at the time. At 336 kilometres, the ECT is a shorter hike than I wanted, but it was the hike that was logical at the time, and I enjoyed it very much. I can also testify that 0% of the 336 kilometres is switchbacks.




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