The Arizona Trail Day 13: Collectable Action Backpack

Saturday, March 30, 2013 – 22 km


Today I hiked up to Manning Camp in the Rincons. It was a slog, but I solemnly swear that 1500 m (5000 ft) of elevation gain on a cloudy day is much easier than walking for a day through the low desert in the sun. Yes, cloudy – absent for once was the picturesque blue sky, but tall, dark and ominous is how I like my mountains. On the way up I met another thru-hiker, Baja. Two in two days? What craziness is this? We parted after a brief talk and when I encountered him again, he was washing clothing in a rare pool of water. I was not impressed by that, chances being good that the pool will be a water source for someone.

At Manning Camp I reunited with Pops, who is also staying at Manning Camp tonight, and chatted with two women staying one night at Manning Camp and one night at Grass Shack. They have tons of experience backpacking in Arizona and I enjoyed talking to them about the AZT and getting their perspective on various segments. One of the women has an old external frame backpack! I want it! (I don’t know why, since I wouldn’t use it… it’s like… a collectable action figure…)


I’m sharing a campsite with Pops. He snores.

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