The Arizona Trail Day 34: Death Trap Either Way

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I received a ride into Scottsdale from Guy, the shuttle driver from Superior, who was heading there for an appointment. Thank you! Moreover he offered to drive me back to Superior on Monday afternoon, and then to Roosevelt Marina the following morning. That works well, giving my ankle time to rest and me time to run chores, namely finding good sunscreen and buying cheap city food for a resupply box to Mormon Lake Village. I purchased boots at REI, which made my bank account angry but my ankles happy and optimistic.

I checked in at a motel around noon. The room hadn’t been cleaned, but I figured that was because I had checked in early, and that someone would come by and clean it. As I was leaving the motel to run errands, the front desk employee called me over and informed me that she had sent me to the wrong room by mistake. She was shocked that I had entered a room that hadn’t been cleaned. Hey, we all know how often those blankets and ornamental pillows get washed: never. And we’ve seen the exposés on how some housekeepers use the same rags to clean toilets and sinks. Someone who goes into a cleaned room and thinks that it’s sanitary is crazier than someone who acknowledges that the place is a death trap either way, okay?

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