The Arizona Trail Day 49: Onto the Colorado Plateau

Sunday, May 05, 2013 – 21.6 km


Today I hiked up onto the plateau, with pretty morning scenery ending in a disappointing viewless climb alongside a power line. That may be a first for the AZT, which thus far has been very open. I considered walking along a road running parallel to the edge of the rim until I could see something, but the day was wearing on and I wanted to find a good campsite along General Springs Canyon. The canyon hiking turned out to be easy, so I regret not trying the road.


Near a cabin I saw two men heading off towards the trees. One of them was wearing a huge pack and looked to be suffering – his gait was the ‘Krista with ten days of food in the Mazatzals’ gait. In the cabin logbook, someone had written ‘Amazing waterfall at 2.5’, so I decided to camp nearby. The creek was flowing strongly with cloudy water. The waterfall was not exactly amazing, but worthy of mild admiration on a trail with so little water.

Amazing is in the eye of the beholder.

I camped across the creek on a bluff.

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