The Arizona Trail Day 8

Monday, March 25, 2013 – 22.5 km

The caretaker brought me coffee this morning. I dislike coffee, but I usually drink it once or twice per year to accept someone’s hospitality or seem more grown-up to a cute guy who never calls me again, probably because of the weird faces I make while drinking the coffee. He and I talked for awhile and he showed me a book about rattlesnakes, also mentioning that rabid animals are common in this area. That’s… good to know…

The trail started out easy today, crossing a pass that was more like a gentle rise.


I was enjoying the scenery, but soon after I passed into the AZT’s sixth segment, the temperature shot up and I started to feel unwell. I stopped walking and sipped water in the shade until I felt slightly better. Caption: ‘Canadian in the low desert’.

The rest of my day was spent weaving in and out of canyons until, finding unexpected water in one, I stopped to camp nearby for the night.

Practically a lake in Arizona.

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