The Heysen 10: Rest Day #2

Friday, May 13, 2016

As the only tenter, I attracted attention and a couple invited me over to talk this morning. They turned out to be trail angels, generously giving me a spare headnet and pen, buying me dinner and offering to drive me to Quorn to get a gas canister (I refused the last). Thank you Susan and Ken! You’re amazing!

In need of repair

Also today I repaired my tent, patching small holes in the groundsheet and fly and re-repairing a stuff sack that had torn again after my repairs to it on the Great Ocean Walk. I visited the only cafe in town to purchase a late lunch and a sandwich for tomorrow; the owner seemed cranky about making food even though I placed my order more than an hour before closing time. Don’t offer lunch so late if you don’t want to make it…

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