The Heysen 12: Mernmerna & Slaty

Sunday, May 15, 2016 – 16.99 km

I slept badly last night due to paranoia about mice/sleeping bag/tetanus shots – seeing a mouse scurrying down my bunk certainly didn’t help – and woke feeling weak and nauseous this morning. Unsure whether it’s because of the lack of sleep or something else. Maybe I need a tetanus shot?


The HT was mostly creek walking on easy terrain today. Slaty Creek was striking with its high banks of ruddy slate.

Slaty Creek

All day, my navigation was slightly off. I didn’t get lost, but I saw only a few trail markers aside from those that I was specifically looking for, so I kept wondering whether I was missing beautifully constructed single-track somewhere (lolno). The map states to be careful to note the direction when leaving Mernmerna Creek, and I agree that care is needed. I was specifically looking for the marker and I think it would have been easy to miss, but I was missing everything today, so who knows? Around point ‘B’ on the map the trail leaves Slaty Creek for what may or may not have been single-track, but I couldn’t find what the blazes I was supposed to be walking on, so I just bushwhacked for awhile. When I rejoined the creek, I mysteriously did so at the exact location of an HT marker, so there’s that.

Not a hard day of walking, but it felt hard since I was feeling sick. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, since it’s a long haul to the next campsite-that-might-not-be-a-legitimate-campsite.

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