The Heysen 38: See How Little I Ask for

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 – 28.01 km

My mood wasn’t great this morning. The Heysen has been mostly road walking since Melrose, which has its benefits (no crazy Heysen terrain that takes forever to cross) but also distinct negatives (boring, mostly bad scenery). So I don’t want difficult hiking, but I don’t want easy hiking either… since I mentioned The Bell Jar a few entries ago, I’ll refer readers to Esther and Buddy’s conversation about how wanting mutually exclusive things is a symptom of neurosis. Anyway, I’ve also got some pain (including my dud foot) that I was hoping would clear up during my storm break, but it didn’t, so that was getting me down too, and the weather, and the fact that I had a long distance to hike today.


But you’re tired of reading the above type of whining, so you’ll be happy to know that my mood improved in the afternoon. There was finally pretty scenery and cross-country walking! See how little (?) I ask for, Heysen?


The signage was lacking in a few places: 1) When the trail first switched from road walking to following fences, there was no marker indicating which fence to follow; and 2) just before the turn towards Curnows Hut, the signage pointed down a road in the opposite direction. If you climb the hill straight ahead, different signage that points you towards the hut is visible. I think the incorrect signage might be a relic from a reroute that was in place until last year, but I can’t confirm that without map sheet 5, which showed the reroute. I’ll contact the Friends about it.


Curnows Hut is in a great location with trees, a pond and a running stream. I got here late in the day and built another fire. I’m an fire-building expert now. Cast me on Survivor, stat.

Curnows Hut