The Heysen 40: Stake Death

Friday, October 14, 2016 – 13.62 km

Today was a beautiful sunny day with cross-country/animal trail walking (picture me sobbing with appreciation) along a lovely stream on private property. Two people were driving down the road from the house as I was approaching, and they didn’t return my wave. I wondered whether the landowners weren’t particularly hiker-friendly, and whether crossing their property would just be fence-following, but it was bliss! The Heysen really lowers your standards.


I did meet some cows that I didn’t much like. The cows in Arizona always ran away, but these just stood still or moved a little closer as I walked past, which is better than outright chasing by Swiss cows but still leaves something to be desired.

Sleepy lizard posing in flowers

Bundaleer Tank campsite is located beside reedy Bundaleer Creek. The water tank bench and edge of the tent platform were covered with bird droppings. Not sure which species was the culprit here, but maybe ducks, since I saw some. Plenty of potential tentsites were available, though the ground was like cement and I bent a stake. Afterwards I noticed a horde of tiny bugs inside my tent… are they locals that got through the bug mesh? Baby spiders? I’m disturbed by the idea of them crawling into my ears as I sleep.

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