The Heysen 47: Trees and Shrubs and Hills

Friday, October 21, 2016 – 15 km

Brief thunderstorm overnight. My tent dried afterwards in the wind, so when it began sprinkling again early this morning, I quickly took down my tent and moved all of my gear to the shelter. A downpour began and continued for 1.5 hours while I waited lamely for it to stop. When I finally started walking, the sky was still cloudy but less menacing.


The scenery remained consistent throughout the day. Trees and shrubs and hills. The HT crossed Newikie Creek, which was easy to hop across.


Drizzle preceded a short period of earnest rain just before I arrived at Black Jack Shelter, which was located within a large clearing.

Black Jack Shelter

I wanted to camp in a more sheltered area that the rising sun would warm, so I pitched my tent a short distance back along the road.

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