The Heysen 65: 5:30 Heresy

Thursday, November 10, 2016 – 18.38 km

I got an early start this morning. Though it seems heretical, I’m getting used to waking up at 5:30 and actually like it. The morning is a pleasant time to walk and the day seems longer.


Passing Norton Summit, I entered Giles Conservation Park. The creek was a great place to see koalas. I spotted six within five minutes, including a mother and joey.

Australian wildlife is often surprising

The trail climbed to the summit of Mt. Lofty, which has a viewing area for tourists, a visitor centre and a cafe. It was less busy than the time I visited via car, which may have been a weekend. The view is out towards Adelaide and the ocean. Not too far away now!

View from Mt. Lofty

I charged my phone to read more election coverage, then continued on. I had to go into Adelaide to resupply and decided to leave the trail at Piccadilly, since it has a bus stop located only a dozen metres from the Heysen (head north at the intersection of Sprigg and Piccadilly roads).

Into the city I go!

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