The Heysen 70: Gila River Canyons Day

Thursday, November 17, 2016 – 8.56 km

The weather was warm when I woke up and hot by 7:30 AM – an AZT Gila River Canyons day. While walking down the road from Finness Conservation Park, I noticed grassy flat spots with ‘Private property/no trespassing’ signs on the bordering fence. I wonder whether the Finniss River Campsite landowner withdrew access because people were camping elsewhere on his/her property?


Road walk, road walk, then single track through ferns. I met two section hikers. Cross-country across fields – another good-natured landowner who lets hikers step away from the fence.


I’m breaking up this final section of the Heysen by taking a resupply/rest day in Mount Compass, which is 1.7 km down Victor Harbour Road. The Mount Compass Caravan Park is slightly further down the Heysen Trail, accessed from Heysen Boulevard. I had originally thought they were on the same road, so I was disappointed when I realized that getting to the town from the caravan park would be a longer walk than expected. The caravan park was nice though, and the owner was friendly and helpful. He offered to drive me into town, said that I could charge my phone in the laundry room, and even gave me a tube of sunscreen. I was lucky to also catch a ride back from town with a woman who pitied me for walking in the heat. Call me Ms. Sweaty.

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