Pacific Crest Trail (2013) 13: Imma Take a Break

Friday, June 08, 2018 – 14.60

Bland walking to start the day, then nice views beyond Bull Lake. Beautiful green serpentinite was common and I saw beargrass for the first time. The flowers look like a cluster of tiny blooms with a protruding pine cone.


I met more hikers heading in the other direction, including Biscuits, a section hiker walking from Seiad Valley to Belden. He was friendly and it was nice to meet another person engaged in the chill activity of section hiking.

I’m definitely enjoying the flexibility I have with mileage. If I hadn’t gotten injured and had started at the southern terminus, I may have been trying to push out thru-appropriate miles even while holding the attitude that finishing wasn’t a priority. Now, get me to the border before the bad fall weather and I’m good. Imma take a break to stare at this interesting tree for 30 minutes.

Might not have noticed this little bugger if I were rushing.

I camped near a random saddle not far before Scott Mountain Campground. The evening was chilly and cloudy.


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