Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 15: NO ITUNES STORE

Sunday, June 10, 2018 – 10.60 miles

The morning was cold. I found a dead moth on my tent, which was dusted with snow. Oh cruel mountains! Throughout the day the snow melted, lingering lengthily in the shade.


The PCT passed a junction with the ‘Bloody Run’ trail, which probably got its name from someone getting a blister, but we can use our imaginations, can’t we.

When I passed the south fork of the Scott River in the early afternoon, I noticed strong cloud action. I considered camping in the established site beside the river since it was sheltered, but even for me the time was too early to make camp.


I continued on to another established campsite, higher in altitude but still sheltered, with views available in the hideous, hideous wind. It had signs of usage and cow droppings (featured since Cement Bluff, but only sparsely), so I wasn’t keen on camping there. I toyed with starting towards the next campsite, but ended up turning back since the description in eTrails was vague about its size and how sheltered it was.


Today was the first day I’ve had no cold symptoms! It was also my first day without seeing other hikers. For some time I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get phone reception to renew an audiobook (East of Eden) that I took out from the library using the Libby app. The app returns books automatically if you don’t renew them, so no late fees, but I don’t want someone else to borrow it before I can take it out again… person x just inherited the x, what will happen next? Otherwise I’ve been trying to use my phone less, since I got addicted to the ‘how far away from x am I’ feature on eTrails and it’s been eating up my battery. I also neglected to lock the phone when I put it back in my pocket yesterday and it wasted 15% trying to connect to the iTunes store while on airplane mode. NO I DO NOT WANT TO ACCESS THE ITUNES STORE.

Final weather report: light rain, no snow.

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