Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 3: Meeting Thru-Hikers

Monday, May 28, 2018 – 12.60 km

I was surprised today by a steady stream of southbound thru-hikers, early starters who had hit the Sierra Nevada in wintry conditions and flipped up to Dunsmuir. The first couple I saw told me that they had tried starting SOBO at Seiad Valley (third in my list of resupply locations) and encountered too much snow to progress. Two weeks of hot weather are in the forecast before my forecasted arrival in Etna, the town before Seiad Valley, so hopefully a decent amount of snow will have melted by then.

Loving the flowers

As I met more hikers, they kept saying ‘lots of others are coming up behind’. Eventually I asked why there were so many of them and got the explanation that a big group had rented a bus/van together. And eaten pastries on their way north. ❤


I was tempted by a campsite that eTrails describes as ‘super Shasta view camp’, but wanted to make a few more miles before stopping today. Good views of Shasta throughout the surrounding area. A ledge section had several dodgy areas with loose soil, but nothing scary.

Loose soil

I reached the campsite at Moosehead Creek, wasn’t wild about it and continued the half mile to Moosehead Creek Spring, but two hikers were already there and the campsite was too small for anyone else. Returning to Moosehead Creek, I was joined by Four-Eyes, Gandalf and River, who were all interesting, friendly and unique. Enjoyed talking with them on this first night camping with other people.

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