Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 33: Gone for Good

Saturday, June 30, 2018 – 1.90 miles

I only had to wait a minute or two before catching a ride out of Ashland this morning. The driver told me that he was heading out to the PCT for a run SOBO, and informed me that he’s a long-distance runner who does 100-mile marathons. Wow! I admire people who do long runs since I could never do one in a million years. My version of trail running is getting halfway up the first hill, then collapsing and begging passersby for ice cream.


I feel fond of this section of trail now. It’s like an old friend. I know the nice break spots (most important), and it’s a credit to this stretch of trail that I’ve walked it three times in three days and it’s still not boring. That being said, I was happy to pass the spring where I had camped before and see new terrain. eTrails is light on potential campsites for this stretch, but I found plenty of sites about eleven miles from the trailhead. A few other people are camped nearby. 


No unfortunate incidents today and I resolved to myself that today would mark the end of the mishaps and bad luck. BYE ASHLAND! SEE YA NEVER!

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