Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 44: First Trail Magic

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 – 15.90 miles

The mosquitoes returned with a vengeance today. Aside from a short mosquito-free period between ~11:00 AM to ~4:00 PM, they’re always present and hungry for blood.

Anthill formed partially from pumice

I saw my first food/drink trail magic, a cache of bottled drinks beside a road, but unfortunately only beer was left. I then encountered a huge water cache of 150+ litres! I didn’t note the date on the jugs (or else I did, but had no idea of the current date, so didn’t pay attention) but someone told me later that the cache had been left only yesterday. I arrived around noon, so took water to cook potatoes.


The trail approached Mt. Thielsen, an interestingly shaped volcano that you can scramble to the top of.

Mt. Thielsen

Near the junction was a campsite with great views, but a day hiker was peeing there when I arrived. I didn’t actually realize what he was doing until he apologized and said he hadn’t expected anyone else to be around. It’s all right! It’s a law of the PCT that when you’re peeing, you’re 30% more likely to encounter another hiker than you would be otherwise. You could have refrained from peeing on the campsite though. Backpackers would appreciate that.


I had been meaning to camp at Thielsen Creek (the first water source after Crater Lake), but I had enough water left to dry camp, so I ended up stopping earlier. Today’s distance is an estimate.

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