Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 50: The Mosquitoes Weren’t Driving Me Towards Suicide Today

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 – 16 miles

I got a late-ish start in the morning despite not having to pack up my tent. The curse of having people to socialize with! I hadn’t used much water by the time I reached the Bobby Lake junction, so I decided to continue to Charlton Lake before filling up. That decision turned out to be regrettable since Charlton Lake was a sizable lake with a road nearby and lots of camping and recreational users. Blech. Near the road was some trail magic: empty water jugs and a cooler filled with various dry foods.

The trail was mostly through forest today, but included a few scenic highlights: a nice vista of Waldo Lake on a windy, mosquito-free rock outcropping, and a view of the South and Middle Sisters through the Charlton Burn area.

Waldo Lake
Lots of deadfall

I stealth camped near the boundary of the Three Sisters Wilderness area. The mosquitoes were light while I was setting up camp and cooking supper, which was a nice surprise. Definitely the absolute worst task in mosquito country is the business of a cathole, but eating through a thin slit in my mosquito suit isn’t fun either.

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