Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 8: Public Nudity = Bad

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Visiting Ammirati’s Market this morning, I bought ice cream and a sandwich for breakfast. When I picked up my resupply package at the post office, the employee had just offered a ride to one of the hiker couples, who needed to resupply in town since their package hadn’t arrived. There was room in the car for the other couple, who needed new shoes, but none for me and my pack unfortunately, so I packed up and headed to Interstate 5 to hitch. Hitching on the interstate isn’t allowed – you can’t even feign ignorance since they have ‘no pedestrians allowed’ signs – so I decided to stand at the onramp near the gas station to try to attract that good ole gas station traffic. Castella’s gas station doesn’t exactly produce a steady stream of cars, but I was soon offered a ride by a woman named Jenny, who said that she could take me to the intersection of I5 and something else that processed in my brain merely as ‘closer to Mount Shasta and out of the horrendous sun for awhile’. Yes please! We chatted and I found out that she does trail maintenance along the PCT, which makes her a double trail angel(?). In the end, she took me all the way into Mount Shasta. Thanks Jenny!

Mount Shasta has a laundromat, huge grocery store, smaller organic/natural foods store, and great views of Shasta/Shastina. I noticed a sign in the laundromat stating that undressing in the laundromat is not allowed and clothes must be worn at all times. That sign was definitely put up because of hikers. Yes, your rain clothes may be matted to your flesh with sweat, but public nudity = bad. 

Mt. Shasta from Mount Shasta

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