Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 81: Poor Bees

Monday, August 20, 2018 – 10.30 miles

I was still feeling wiped out this morning, but the hotel was too expensive for another night. Crow writes in her resupply guide: ‘There are some rooms to rent next door [to the Kracker Barrel] at the very unfriendly Village Inn 509.672.3131. The price varies wildly depending on the mood of the curmudgeon that runs the place.’ I’m not sure about the mood factor, but the online price was different than the price posted on the door than the price that I was quoted when I walked in and asked about a room, so you might be paying more than necessary if you book online.

Searching for fuel canisters at the Kracker Barrel, I found only the behemoth 16 oz size in stock. I normally carry the 3.6 oz size, and it lasts me multiple weeks. The hiker box was no help either, having only canisters that sounded empty, so I went back to my room and shook mine. It sounded like it had at least 3-4 uses left in it, so I decided to forego the leviathan and eat cold potatoes if/when my canister runs out. I completed my final chores: packing my food from my resupply box, washing my pot with real dish soap (!!) in the kitchenette, and some other preparations that I should have done yesterday but did not.


I wasn’t enthusiastic about walking in the smoke, and once I started, I was immediately bored by the smoky forest hiking and started daydreaming about a rest day at Snoqualmie Pass. Big red flag there, that I was expecting to dislike the upcoming days of hiking and the zero would be a highlight. I’ve decided to leave the trail at Snoqualmie Pass if the smoke doesn’t improve.


I stealth camped today with mosquitoes flying erratically around. The bees are erratic around here too, questing for the few wilted flowers still blooming and bumping into each other. Poor bees.

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