Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 94: Scraggly

Sunday, September 02, 2018 – 10.40 miles

I ate breakfast at Glacier Lake.

Glacier Lake

PCT thru-hikers/not-entirely-thru-hikers have been catching up to me since Oregon, but I’m starting to feel like I’m being hit by the herd rather than only the front-runners. That makes sense since the end of the hiking season is rapidly approaching. My travel insurance is due to run out on September 20th so I need to cross the border before then, or else meet a hiker who would be willing to carry injured-me there (with bribes of Snickers, I don’t believe that it’s totally out of the question).


The PCT hikers combined with the Labour Day weekend backpackers were too much traffic, but I met some interesting people. One of the PCT hikers, stuck like me with a package in Skykomish, was from Port Hardy. Port Hardy, I remember your fog well! I would have thought that an islander would be ever-prepared for rain, but he wasn’t carrying rain clothes. The rain the previous week was the first he had encountered along the entire trail and he described it as an awful shock.

For weekend backpackers, I met a couple who noted that most long-distance hikers look scraggly. Great adjective. I’m putting that one in the word bank.


During the climb up to Trap Pass, thick purple haze was visible in the distance, but there’s been no sign of it since I passed into the next watershed. The air was slightly hazy but the visibility decent, providing nice views from just beyond Trap Pass down to Trap Lake.

The lakes were busy with hikers. I’m camping at Susan Jane Lake, which is nice enough and has an unexpected toilet.

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