Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 97: Leaving Stevens Pass

Wednesday, September 05, 2018 – 8 miles

I tried to use the main lodge’s Wi-Fi this morning to download an audiobook and app, but it was uselessly slow. At least I managed to access the detour maps and a weather report predicting rain every day for a week. There are no easy bailout points in this next section, so hopefully I’ll get decent opportunities for drying off.

I hadn’t included snacks in my resupply box, so I purchased chocolate and chips in the lodge store. The prices were shocking, plus there were no Snickers. Absolutely do not resupply there! Their mango smoothies were delicious though. On my way out of the lodge I met Numbers, who’s working on a PCT app and website that will contain more information about trail towns than other resources. He commented that I look too clean to be a hiker. I’m told that often, but that’s what showers and laundry are for. I’m not a dude, I can’t grow a scruffy beard.

Returning to the Mountaineers Stevens Lodge, I charged my phone, prepared my backpack and ate fruit and odd fettuccine made by Debra before finally crossing the highway and rejoining the PCT.


From a group of hikers heading in the opposite direction, I received a mini-Snickers as trail magic.


Before stopping for the evening, I saw two mice along the trail. All attempts to go to sleep early were foiled by suspicious skittering noises outside.

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