Great Divide Trail Pre-Hike 4: We’re Just Very Unhappy Now

So, decision time came and went and I decided to cancel this hike. The question of thru-hiking in 2020 has been debated so intensely that it’s garnered the long-distance community more attention than we’ve received since Wild (see the New York Times, Washington Post and this amusingly titled LAist article), so I feel no need to rehash all those points here. Suffice it to say that Saskatchewan is still asking residents not to travel out of province, and I want to respect that. I also have serious concerns about the logistics of hiking the GDT right now, namely how I would self-isolate for two weeks in one of its ultra-expensive trail towns if I did develop symptoms.

‘Bane, what are you doing in your spare time if you’re not planning for one of the hikes that you’ve already planned for and had to cancel?’ I’m glad you asked! I’ve veered in the strange and exciting new direction of packrafting, and can say that I’ve never felt more irritated trying to choose a piece of gear than when looking for a PFD. I’ve also been playing an old video game and taking pictures of scenes that remind me of the pandemic, and you can see them below!


Your apartment after weeks of lockdown:


Hoarding some more:

The battle for PPE:

Hitchhiking in the back of a truck since the driver doesn’t want your COVID-19 ass in the cabin:

Tragic acceptance:


New social distancing guidelines in airplanes:

All of us hikers after cancelling our hikes:

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