The Arizona Trail Day 37: Beg for Cheeseburgers

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 – 17.22 km

Upon returning to Roosevelt Marina this morning, I discovered that the address listed on the ATA website for the visitor centre is actually the shop’s address. I left the visitor centre, slunk to the shop and apologized for not phoning beforehand about sending a package. The employee reassured me that it was fine and fished through a pile of packages for mine. Guess I’m not the last hiker out there. Man, was my package ever heavy. It contained 9-10 days of food in anticipation of rough terrain and slow progress in the Mazatzals, which have a notorious reputation.


Today’s walk began with a climb and I was wobbling along beneath my heavy pack. My inner day hiker was cross about carrying so much food uphill, saying ‘We should be hiking this without a pack!’. And then I was like, ‘But then we would starve and die’. And she was like, ‘We could beg other hikers for cheeseburgers’. And I was like, ‘NO’. At the trailhead across the bridge, I was tempted to go down to the lake for a swim, but the water in Roosevelt Lake looks more tempting from a distance.


More uphill, some flat, some rocks, uphill. I noticed a Snickers wrapper – NO! A poke from my hiking pole revealed that it was an actual whole, unopened Snickers! I was tempted to take it, but my inner day hiker reminded me of my excruciating backpack and threatened to take over and fling me off a cliff should I eat the Snickers rather than something I had packed. Fine. I left the Snickers on a rock for the next passerby, though in retrospect I should have considered the possibility that an animal would find it.

I camped for the night at Buckhorn Creek, where a short distance before the AZT crossing I found a decent campsite on the other side of the creek.

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