The Heysen 20: Almost There

Monday, May 23, 2016 – 17.91 km


Beautiful views of the Heysen Range today. The trail was mostly double or single track and often formed from ruddy crushed/compacted shale, which I love as a walking surface since it’s smooth and looks awesome. It also doesn’t show the trail, but getting to this point and still expecting a trail would be like a driver being shocked by a ‘drive on the left side of the road’ sign several thousand kilometres from the car rental agency in Sydney.

Walking on shale

I’m getting picked up tomorrow, so I was planning to camp at ‘Parachilna Gorge Hiker’s Campsite’, which is just before the end of the trail and listed on the Friends’ website but not on the map as a camping spot. I got there and no way, man. It was slanted and covered with ants and unscenic and it would not be my last campsite. It would not!!! I found a nice spot nearby and made camp there.


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