The Heysen 21: Parachilna Gorge Road

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – 0.65 km

Not much to say about today’s walk, it being a whopping 0.65 km to the HT’s northern terminus at Parachilna Gorge Road. My ride was due to arrive in the late afternoon, so I climbed some hills and lingered in my camping area before walking to the trailhead.

The HT’s northern terminus

I had expected Parachilna Gorge Road to be quiet, but it was surprisingly busy and multiple drivers stopped to ask whether I needed a ride. I didn’t want to stand up the ride that I had arranged (visitor centre guy) so I declined, though with regret due to the long wait. It also turned out that Visitor Centre Guy had the dates of his days off wrong (he must like his job more than I usually like my jobs, because I always know when my weekends are) and couldn’t drive me all the way to Port Augusta, therefore I’m back at Wilpena Pound tonight.

Thus ends the first stage of my Heysen hike! Keep reading to hear my recount of the rest of the trail.

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