The Heysen 34: NO HELP

Friday, October 07, 2016 – 20.23 km

Before falling asleep last night, I saw the clouds start flashing and thought ‘uh oh, storm’. The flashing wasn’t accompanied by thunder though, and shortly I heard the sound of a vehicle. I buried my face in my mummy bag in case it was drunk/creepy people and lay prone as a brilliant light shone at the tank. Fortunately, the vehicle moved on without any trouble or cringeworthy dialogue like ‘hahaha look at that girl! Want some company? Etc.’. My first thought was that its occupants were spotlighting for feral animals, but the government closes the park for feral animal control. Maybe they were monitoring animal activity? Anyway, I wasn’t shot or angered, so I’m cool with it.


Mostly road walking today with pastoral scenery. I’ve been using the word ‘road’ interchangeably to describe both deserted 4wd tracks and paved roads, so to be clear, these roads were among farms and had a decent amount of traffic. Two drivers stopped and asked whether I needed help. A third stopped, got out of his car and gave me unsolicited directions (I had just exited a road that wasn’t part of the HT route, but I knew where I was! I swear!). Lovely people of Crystal Brook and surrounding area: You’re very kind, but if I need help, I’ll wave my arms and shout or something. One of the drivers even elaborated following my denial of needing help on exactly what types of help I might be needing. NO. NO HELP.


The last ~5 km to Bowman Hut followed Crystal Brook (the watercourse, not the town) and were the best and most scenic part of the day. I saw a brown snake, which slithered away immediately, 3-4 shingleback lizards (also known by the cute name of sleepy lizard), and several horseback riders who asked whether I was alone and told me not to get lost. An appropriate quote comes to mind: ‘He looked at her with the scornful expression of a long distance walker whose abilities have just been called into question’. Or something like that. Apparently no one else cares about this quote as I can not find it on the Internet.

Sleepy lizard

Bowman’s Hut is posh! It has a sink and four separate bedrooms, three with two bunk beds each and one with just a mattress on the floor. The lock requires a combination provided on the Friends’ website. I’ll bed down here and continue onwards to Crystal Brook (the town) tomorrow.

Bowman’s Hut

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