The Heysen 54: Kool-Aid?

Sunday, October 30, 2016 – 20 km

The distance from Marschalls Hut to Kapunda is 35 km. Though my foot has done well over the past few days, I decided to split the section into a ~20 km day and a ~15 km day by camping somewhere around Lights Hummocks (the distance is convenient and the name is cool).


The wind was extreme and the skies were threatening rain when I started walking. At first the HT was in a forested area and sheltered, other than one ‘follow ridge’ directive that I mostly ignored, but later it moved into farmland. In a section through long grass I began to feel ill, wobbling around with my footing hidden and the grass streaming all around my legs. I sometimes get the same sensation when fording silty creeks.

I noticed some aquamarine spots on my pants after walking through the fields. Pesticide? Kool-Aid?


Wide and forested roadsides offered numerous potential campsites. I pitched my tent at the end of a seemingly disused road at the start of Lights Hummocks, an ideal place since it was scenic, not private property (at least I don’t think so), it was sheltered from the worst of the wind, and there was a stile to sit on.


My foot was good again today. Barring my sudden and ghastly death, I’ll arrive in Kapunda tomorrow and the ‘Halloween Plan’ non-plan will be a success.


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