The Heysen 55: Hello Hallo

Monday, October 31, 2016 – 15 km


I packed up and began walking early this morning, passing into cattle territory. I was wary of the cows since in the Marschalls Hut logbook some hikers mentioned being chased uphill, but when I came near a group of cows on a road, they ran away. Then more cows started running up from great distances to follow the original cows. As I stood watching that display of questionable intelligence, I started wondering: when you’re chased by cows, what would they do if they actually caught you? Would they trample you or stop a short distance away? Or maybe they’ve developed a sense of irony and would start devouring you alive (since they can’t make fire with their hooves to cook you medium rare)? If they’re omnivores, could you trick them into eating beef jerky (because you’re twisted)?


Other than when I missed a stile and had to backtrack, the walk was simple today. I met two section hikers walking sans backpacks. They were on the other side of the fence (see the aforementioned ‘missing a stile’).


When I arrived in Kapunda, I immediately went to the hardware store. It was huge, but no gas canisters. I should have 2-3 uses left in the canister I’m carrying, and there are a few towns and a hut ahead… I decided to resupply with non-cook foods and hold out until Bridgewater. Besides the lack of gas, I was disappointed by the absence of Halloween decorations except on one store (the takeout/pizza place), but I did see people in costume. Ahhh a tiny bit of Halloween! I missed it last year too, so I’m deprived.

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