Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 109: Rainless

Monday, September 17, 2018 – 17.70 miles

Finally a nice weather day, chilly but without precipitation. The PCT switchbacked up to forested Glacier Pass, then to the more scenic Grasshopper Pass. 

Climbing up from Brush Creek
Views of Azurite Peak (?)

I began encountering/passing/being passed by Homebound and Hello Darkness (trail name given in retrospect and without her agreement), who I initially thought were section hikers because I saw them more than once. It turned out that Homebound was a thru-hiker and Hello Darkness had come to join him for the last section of trail.


Beyond Grasshopper Pass, I also began meeting day hikers who had hiked in from Hart’s Pass. The trail became narrow and slanted on exposed slopes, and though the footing wasn’t crumbly or otherwise bad, the narrow slopiness lasted long enough to start unnerving me after awhile.


I was glad when the trail began descending to Hart’s Pass, where I was planning to camp at the small campground with an outhouse, no water and a limit of two tents per site ($8). The small, cold campground with snow patches. Car campers have to pack out their garbage, but PCT hikers can leave it in a bin near the hosts’ hut (see instructions on the campground info sign in case that changes). I claimed an empty site and fired up my stove. Man, it was freezing! Even in all my clothes and standing I was cold.


My tent was in a site right beside the road, and I had two hikers come up and ask me for directions. One wanted to know where the next trailhead is. I haven’t checked yet, sorry for my ignorance. The other wanted to know which way he should hitchhike on the road to get to civilization. I don’t know that either. I’m really sorry.

When I was about to retreat to my tent, two guys showed up and asked whether they could camp near the picnic table. I assumed they had two tents and told them they would have to go to another site. Temporarily they left, but soon returned and pitched a tent without asking again/offering to split the cost. I don’t mind the $4 but I’m irked by the lack of manners.

Making the face hole in my sleeping bag as small as possible…

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