Pacific Crest Trail (2018) 113: Goodbye PCT

Friday, September 21, 2018


A short entry today about my exit:

I got up early this morning, ready to tackle the Crowsnest Highway. While eating disgusting trail granola, I met an Uber/Lyft driver who offered to drive me to Vancouver for $100. Nope. He then offered to drive me to Hope for free, because he was going there anyway to buy flowers for his girlfriend. They had a cute story: he was an older fellow, recently divorced, who had ended up dating an also recently divorced PCT hiker after driving her to and from trailheads along the PCT. At one point during her hike, the tracking on her InReach had failed to work and he had contacted a ranger, who told him to wait a day or two before panicking since most of the time communication is severed for an innocuous reason. Thankfully that was the case. That’s the #1 reason why I would never allow anyone to track me; my mother would probably have a heart attack if the device failed.

Ultimately he drove me all the way to Chilliwack, where he kindly looked up a bus schedule so I could take public transit the rest of the way instead of hitchhiking. Goodbye for now, PCT!

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