Overland Track: Introduction

No thanks, but recommendation noted.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Tasmania’s Overland Track, a 65 kilometre hike (82 kilometres if the walk around Lake St. Clair is included), will be a relatively short test for my right foot after a persistent injury I sustained almost two years ago. The government claims that ’92 percent of walkers state that walking the Overland Track was one of the best things they’ve done’. While assuming that they shamelessly made up that statistic, I’ll remain optimistic about the experience.

From October to May, the government charges OT hikers a 200 AUD fee, along with park fees whether one drives or walks or bikes in. The website says that it’s for trail maintenance – considering that ~8000 people hike the OT every year, I’m expecting 92% of walkers to state that this is the best-maintained trail they’ve ever walked on.

Some other basic information:

  • The trail extends from Cradle Mountain to Lake St. Clair.
  • There isn’t bus service to the park every day, including the departure date on my permit, so I’ll be staying one night in a campground near the park entrance.
  • Hikers usually complete the OT in 6-7 days, but I’m planning to take eight days, hiking slowly and taking several side trips.

Here we go. Do your best, foot!

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