Pacific Crest Trail (2019) 32: Zero #2

Monday, April 15, 2019

I took a second zero today, but still felt adverse to making resupply boxes and decided to change my resupply strategy to buying in towns + a bounce box. I also ordered specialty food from Amazon to send to the Saufley’s in Aqua Dulce – supposedly the grocery store in Aqua Dulce isn’t as good for resupply as it used to be – and specialty food from Sonora Pass Resupply to send to Mojave and bounce. Sonora Pass Resupply is a company that caters specifically to hikers and the owner Casey seems like a cool person from what I’ve seen of his interactions with the PCT community. They have a good selection of dehydrated meals and tuna, not so good a selection of some other items, but maybe the idea is that you use them mainly for specialty foods and buy snacks along the way. I’m excited to try dehydrated refried beans! They also sell ghee, but I’m not losing the weight necessary to inspire me to order that.


Big Bear Lake is on the spread out side for trail towns, and I took the bus ($1.50) to the post office and shopping centre. The bus drivers here are incredibly nice and helpful in providing advice on where you want to go. That’s a theme within Big Bear Lake, which has been one of the friendliest trail towns in my experience, though of course a lot of that is luck and who you happen to meet. 

A patch of snow for tubing

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