Pacific Crest Trail (2019) 52: Find the Proper Grocery Store

Sunday, May 05, 2019

I took a zero in Aqua Dulce today, picking up my freshly washed clothes before walking to town for breakfast. My socks were amazingly clean and soft and nice-smelling. How? The only rational conclusion is ‘sorcery’.

Breakfast in Aqua Dulce

At the general store, I bought supplies to supplement those I had sent to myself in a resupply box. There were no protein bars or Idahoan, so I bought extra chocolate. Baggies were forgotten and I returned to buy those later in the day.

No baggies on the shelves. I asked at the counter. The owner said that he had none, but the grocery store might… um, this isn’t the only store? Venturing down the road in the specified direction, I found the grocery store, Sweetwater Farms. Its sparsely stocked shelves and dim deli gave the impression that it wasn’t doing the amount of business it had been built for, but its selection was still far better than the general store’s. There were protein bars, though the Idahoan was sold out.

Dexterous wall lizard

For supper I went to the Mexican restaurant with a group of other hikers. I had known that Anish would be visiting Hiker Heaven at some point due to seeing her name on a parcel, but during the meal I found out that she had arrived today. Mild Sauce had spoken to her and was worried about having seemed creepy. We discussed how one could introduce oneself to a celebrity without seeming creepy, and somehow that led to looking for personal info about Anish online. THAT’S CREEPIER THAN APPROACHING HER. IN PRINCIPLE. Meanwhile she was probably thinking ‘man the class of 2019 is standoffish, why is no one talking to me?’.

The chicken gang at Hiker Heaven

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