Pacific Crest Trail (2019) 59: The Creepy Classmate

Sunday, May 12, 2019 – 12 miles

The weather and scenery were wonderful again today. Near Bird Spring Pass, I met a woman who asked whether I was a section hiker because she hadn’t seen many thru-hikers stopping to take pictures. I also stop to talk to skittering lizards, whispering furtively so that no one will overhear. I once encountered a hiker screeching loudly and he explained that he was talking to a crow, so I’m going to classify my behaviour as ‘normal’. Anyway, this thru-hiker seemed to believe and expect me to believe that thru-hiking/hikers are superior to section hiking/hikers. Get out of here with that, girl! They’re different activities that value different elements of the trail. And readers know by now that I dislike hikers thinking that they deserve admiration just because they’re walking a long distance, right? GO WALK IN THE AMAZON AND DISCOVER A NEW ANTIBIOTIC IF YOU WANT MY RESPECT.


After Bird Spring Pass, the trail made a long climb to Skinner Ridge. I had trepidation about starting the climb in the heat of the early afternoon, but it was less steep than the other climbs lately, and clouds muted the sunlight.


The views from the high point were incredible. I wanted to camp, but I had only covered twelve miles. But… it was so pretty… and I saw a flat clear spot in the trees with surrounding rocks and a short walk to the best view… I CAMPED! Ugh. Short on food but addicted to scenery. But this is definitely one of my favourite places where I’ve camped on the PCT. I even found a pool of delicious stagnant rainwater in the rocks. A thundercloud is edging past and I’ve had two hummingbird encounters: one was hovering a half metre away just now, watching me with its beady black eyes, and the other brushed the back of my neck. 


I’ve known people to distinguish hikers into two categories, ‘walkers’ and ‘campers’. I’m a camper for sure. I love sitting and silently observing. Like that classmate who freaked you out in high school. I’m proud to be the creepy classmate to these skittering lizards.


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