Pacific Crest Trail (2019) Pre-Hike 2: Lessons Learned

Thursday, March 07, 2019


In keeping with my new hiking motto, ‘Hike strategically’, I’ve processed some lessons learned from PCT 2018. During that hike I spent a million hours (estimate) at every major resupply point trying to find certain items, mainly dehydrated vegetables and Knorr flavours I like, and that’s madness in the age of food delivery. As someone who loves efficiency – someone who will map out the most efficient route to walk to various places in one room, and NO THAT’S NOT JUST LAZINESS – I’m being as grimly efficient as possible in my first resupply in Los Angeles. I’ll dehydrate vegetables at home and I’ve ordered other hard-to-find food items from Amazon to be delivered to my hostel in LA.

What else did I learn from PCT 2018? You can’t buy hand sanitizer everywhere, so it’s a good resupply box item. I also learned that some hikers consider hand sanitizer/soap too heavy to carry, so if anyone I meet this year initiates a fist bump, I’m just going to run away.

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