Pacific Crest Trail (2019) 62: Return of the Comb

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 – 4.70 miles

After a leisurely morning, I visited the post office to pick up my microspikes (blasted things) and walked to the bus stop to wait for the 12:30 PM bus to Walker Pass/Ridgecrest. Boston Chris joined me there and we met several friendly fellow passengers who eTrails would describe as ‘colourful characters’, one of whom gifted Boston Chris some weed. When the bus arrived at the Walker Pass trailhead, a large group of hikers was waiting to board for Ridgecrest and several others were attempting to hitchhike to Lake Isabella. I chatted for awhile with the hitchhikers and a hiker named Fly who had just arrived from Onyx. Once Fly and I started down the trail, he was quickly out of sight, probably never to be seen again by yours truly. Flying indeed.

I hiked between a series of saddles beneath increasingly cloudy skies. Forgetting to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, I got rattled at. The snake removed itself from the trail, but then began slithering in my direction alongside the path. Since it didn’t seem agitated, I stood and watched it pass – it’s interesting to see how snakes propel themselves along. 

Looks like it recently had a meal.

After setting up camp about five miles from the trailhead, I realized that I had forgotten my grocery/wet tent bag, spork and phone charger at the RV park. Arghhhh! While I do consider myself an expert at eating with a comb after last year’s hike, there are some kinds of expertise that just aren’t meant to exist in this world. I emailed the RV park and the owner kindly retrieved and stashed the bag away for me. I’ll slackpack down to the pass tomorrow and hitch into town.

When I texted my parents to inform them that I was backtracking, my mother said that I ‘really need to take along a plastic fork and spoon as backups’. My first reaction: No. My second reaction: On trail I’ve used the comb more as a utensil than for my hair, so maybe I should replace it with a plastic fork and use that to comb my hair if necessary? I’m totally accepting donations to further develop this idea as a business opportunity. No refunds.

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